5 Points about the new Star Trek movie

#1 Sabotage

I love this song – it’s one of the few rock songs from my youth (I‘m in the middle of my twenties now) I really dig. So it’s about time that this piece takes over control when I think „Oh wait a sec, that’s what I‘ve seen in the trailer already, haven‘t I?“ and accompanies a near-youth’s rebellion in an adequate way.
Wouldn‘t it have been even better, if the song would have been completely „on-screen“ (instead of off accompanyment), i.e., if it had grown more and more silent with the Corvette (if I‘m not mistaken with the model) falling down towards its bitter crash on the rocky ground? Kirk switches it on, why isn‘t he responsible for its falling back to silence? (Why did they only make it background music?)

#2 Tattoos, gas guzzlers and the bad mouth of real gangstas from da hood

Did anyone else get the impression, that the „new“ so-called Romulans have a faint resemblance to gangster rappers? Three reasons:
1. They wear tattoos in the middle of their face (like Mike Tyson, but that’s another, while not unrelated, story)
2. Their „drilling“ device looks rather like a fuel hose for a very thirsty Humvee (btw, how much energy does a time machine consume and what is its carbon footprint?) and
3. They have no sense whatsoever for protocol (they say „Hello“ instead of „this is Commander Blabla-ruk from the Imperial Romulan Warbird Yadda-Bla-rnik“ and use easy-to-unscrew NLP methods (instead of sound reasoning) to „convince“ their victims of the merits of surrender at gunpoint.

#3 The Theme

Yes – from the beginning on, as soon as we see the U.S.S. Kelvin, there’s music. But it is not the Star Trek theme nor anything remotely close to it – it’s an arbitrary SF movie theme (yet – hold on a minute. Fans are not entirely deprived of what they know. I promise…!). So it’s quite an anchor to, at least, recognize the technical sounds on the bridge: They make you feel remotely at home.

#4 Red Matter

How lousily lame would a metaphor be, that used „red matter“ as a synonym for blood (especially, non-Romulan and non-Vulcan blood)? Within the Star Trek context, I never heard anything about „red matter“ or „Red Matter“ – nil, nought and zero. So, blood is the first metaphorical meaning I can think of.

Thus, we have villains that one *could* associate with blood. Many villains in narratives are vampires. Now – are the „new“ so-called Romulans Hip Hop vampires? Well, if, in #2 they qualify as (at least partly) gangster rappers and they continue to deal with „red matter“, how far-fetched could it be to say, this movie is (partly and only in terms of cultural masquerade) about Hip Hop Vampires?

#5 The movie knows that it does not belong

The movie is full to the brim with allusions to circumstances only known to fans. The parachuting sequence for instance – did anybody other than me notice the three jumper’s suits‘ and chutes‘ colors? If so, did you also pay attention to what’s happening to each of them? *hint-hint*

In a scorcher I read one day before watching the movie, I read something to the amount of „missing fürni“ or „missing IKEA stuff“, which all the viewers were used to know from TOS (and maybe, to some extend, from TNG). But in my view, it does not do the work a great deal of harm.

What I found a little more irritating is the cast for Uhura, Chekov and Scotty – as I watched the (magnificiently-done!) German dub version, it was more the looks and less the voices that disturbed me. Moreover, was the „racial factor“ the only tidbit of the equation taken into account when casting for Uhura, Chekov and Sulu? However, the IMHO (three) most central figures were bestowed with faces well fit for their roles.

In some way, this is not Star Trek, and in some way it is. As it’s past 3am CET now and I‘m just home from the performance (and an after-show glass of marvellous Blood Wine in Sixtina, the famous Leipzig absinthery) I cannot but fail to come to a definite conclusion about this – as of now, it’s an immensely rich movie and I hardly ever enjoyed it so much to be proven the tolerable digressiveness of a scorcher.


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